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An intense history, beginning at the end of the nineteenth century with the founder Marcello Rinaldi, in which a leading role has always been played by the heirs who still run the company, The turning point came with Rinaldo Rinaldi who, from the ‘60s onwards, has transformed Villa Rinaldi into the most classic Maison de Negoce ltaliana. He forged his own style through his quest for elegant Chardonnay and Pinot Nero vines in Trentino Alto Adige and reintroduced ancient and meticulous enological methods such as the long aging in French barriques and the dégorgement a la volée, bestowing excellence and longevity on the whole exclusive production range of Villa Rinaldi.

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There are places where passion is passed down through the generations. There are places where the passage of time is marked in a slow rhythm. There are places where they have all the time in the worid to wait for each spumante and each wine to express itself fully. Villa Rinaldi is all of these places.

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the Tradition


Amarone is currently the most popular wine in the world. We produce since 1800 with classical traditional method and we are the only producers of Recioto with the classic method.

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Every day in Rinaldi maison is produced with the same love and the same passion than 100 years ago! An indelible love in the time allowed Villa Rinaldi to get international recognition that have occurred over the years. Among the latter, for example, the Grand Gold Medal Award obtained in 2012 for the “Corpus” Amarone della Valpolicella year 2000. One of the secrets of the house, among those jealously and carefully kept within the Rinaldi family, it is perhaps that particular and evocative combination of an extraordinary passion that meets ancient methods, sugellata by the wisdom of the time, always the best judge of virtue. Each Spumante or Amarone Rinaldi is a way to tell the present and witness of the past, with humility, however, constantly improve in the future. One of the most authentic virtues that time teaches, is in fact never feeling satisfied, but to constantly work to reach always more targets, also in this case, in time and for the time.

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All Estimators of Best Bubbles Made in Italy can book an exciting guided tour of Villa Rinaldi, immersed in the charming atmosphere of the Villa of ‘400, you can take part in thematic tastings of the best home Rinaldi reserves. It’s possible register to Rinaldi Club.

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