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Villa Rinaldi is an authentic and exuberant “Maison de Négoce Italiana”, exponent of classic method Sparkling wines, Amarone, Ripasso and Recioto della Valpolicella.
Our winery has been characterised from the start by an outstanding creative personality, which has been interpreting a refined style since the ‘50s, as well as a continuous search for elegant Chardonnay and Pinot Nero Atesini vines.
For generations we have been producing artisanal Millesimi of the highest quality, using old and rigorous enological practices such as the long ageing of the base wines in barrels of the central French massif and enhancement by the “dégorgement à la volée”.

Each bottle originates from the perfect balance between nature and mastery,
tradition and innovation, with a touch of the unique style that distinguishes us all over the world.
We always give the maximum so that we can offer our admirers sparkling wines and wines that enchant with their splendour and opulence, seduce with their elegance and refinement.
The result of every tasting is an authentic emotion which goes straight to the heart and overwhelms the senses thanks to the infinite multitude of fragrances and memories to which it is often impossible to give a name. I dedicate this catalogue not only to all the Villa Rinaldi admirers, but, in particular to all those who are trying to capture in its authenticity the beautiful and precious side of life.

Rinaldi Style


Villa Rinaldi


The Maison Rinaldi tells of a unique style, capable of remaining in the happiest memories and move immediately to the heart of his admirers. And ‘the right interpretation of elegance and historicity, tradition and innovation, display of intriguing charm and constant search for perfection. The result is a fine example of a garment sinuous and elegant, sometimes luxurious, able to embellish in a sublime quality to the highest levels of millesimati Rinaldi. A particular way of grasping the essence of life, including attention to detail, good taste and fair presumption in daring for the better. As the very best of life is an inalienable right for those who love the universal value of beauty.

the Magic


The courageous choices and counter of Mr. Rinaldo Rinaldi, founder and current owner, dictated the fortunes and the Maison strategies which today represents one of the most renowned companies and qualified at national level in the production of classic method sparkling wines and brings a wealth of traditions and experimental Spirit that have allowed stand out and assert itself on the international stage of the most prestigious bubbles. In all this, the time is a key element in the House Rinaldi: a perfect combination of ancient practices and cutting-edge methods guarantee a daily fine quality. 

the rare Secrets

of the past

The secrets are by definition rare values, sometimes universal, worthy of being treasured. Values even stronger if enclosed in a familiar context of centuries-old traditions, embellished with a love like no other towards what every day, for over 100 years, is produced. They are the oldest and most precious secrets in maison Rinaldi, they are handed down from generation to generation, from father to son. As stepping stones contained in a casket keeper dilapidated mysteries, they are sometimes released with the key of love, narrated and handled with the intensity of the looks, and applied with the pride of their preservation over time.

the Enchantment


It ‘s so many sparkling Rinaldi tell of ancient methods still magically applied today, with the result of a constant search for an ever more sublime and rare perfection. Over time, and for the time.